Our Services

Virtual Reality

We create immersive and interactive 3D / 360º worlds. It’s the ultimate form of presentation since the user has 100% focus on your product. We start by asking how we can solve your challenges and will recommend the best VR application according to your needs, ensuring the best in user experience, while working with you step-by-step through the process.

Augmented Reality

Using video, sound or graphics, we can combine the physical and digital worlds into a single unified experience to revive your existing materials. The immense flexibility of AR allows you to create compelling and memorable experiences that remain grounded in real-world settings.


We use 3D graphics, combined with smart and interactive tools, to effectively communicate your story. We produce every element from the ground up (model, rigging, audio, lighting, rendering). Our custom, multi-platform VR applications are specifically designed to adapt and adjust to tablets, smartphones and VR devices. With VR mobile apps, you can see virtual perceptions of various products, services and places in a real-world environment, wherever you go.

Our Process

Full end-to-end solutions to get you started in the world of virtual and augmented reality.

01. Concept
We start with a deep dive into your product or service to understand its unique characteristics and target demographic, as well as the problem you're trying to solve. We then mock-up the VR/AR experience using art concepts of the environment and events, including a storyboard, mood board, script and audio.
Technical demo
02. Technical demo
We will provide the first rudimentary build full of placeholder assets and temporary screens. By the end of this iteration, the concept art will be underway, we will review the overall timing of the VR/AR promo on actual devices and the narrative script will be finalized.
03. Audio
The narration script is recorded and optional placeholder sounds and music is added. Tech demo is tuned so the audio fits, ensuring that any feedback from the previous iteration are integrated.
04. Art
Untextured assets are integrated and polished. Final HUD elements are built from the previous iteration.
Quality assurance
05. Quality assurance
Once the technical product is complete, we test it across all platforms for bugs and latency issues to ensure a seamless experience. We test drive the video for the final time to catch any remaining issues.
06. Launch
Here, we install VR devices. We assist you in launching your experience across all platforms: web, social and mobile.
case study

LifeLabs Genetics™

LifeLabs performs laboratory tests, helping healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent diseases in patients. LifeLabs Genetics™ recently created a new pharmacogenetics test, called TreatGXPlus™ for patients. TreatGXPlus™ is both a test and service wrapped in one, with accompanying software to help patients understand their genetic makeup’s impact on the absorption rates of their medication...

Who is it for ?

With each of our core offerings, we develop highly-customized VR and AR solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals looking for immersive and interactive solutions to solve their challenges—whether its virtual training scenarios, explaining complex ideas and scientific concepts, or marketing a new product. VR and AR have rapidly shifted from being viewed as an optimistic prototype to a fully-viable platform that is increasingly being used in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, from training to treatments.