We Are SoftCover VR

About Us

Who we are

SoftCover VR was founded in 2018 and creates virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360° video experiences. We work with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to produce invigorating, immersive experiences for marketing, training and educational purposes.

Our mission is simple: to use the immersive power of VR and AR to create impactful stories for our clients that inspire empathy, to help our clients build deeper relationships with their customers, and to enhance our clients’ business operations.

Expertise in VR

Our team has a range of skill sets covering all aspect of the design and development process, including: 

  • Daily stands and weekly tactical (meetings)
  • Storyboards
  • Grey box or block-outs
  • Architectural design
  • User experience (UX)
  • Development
  • Usability testing/user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Play testing
  • Database design
  • Implementation and normalization
  • Gaming AI
  • Game theory
  • Pathfinding
  • Telemetry and metric gathering.

Our excellent agile methodology and focus on DevOps keeps you in touch with developments at every stage of the process.

Our Process


01. Concept
Develop the artistic concept of your VR/AR experience, including a storyboard, mood board, script and audio.
Technical demo
02. Technical demo
Provide a rudimentary build full of placeholder assets and temporary screens to build the final product from.
03. Audio
The narration script is recorded. Sound and music are added.
04. Art
Untextured assets are integrated and polished to their final version.
Quality assurance
05. Quality assurance
Test drive the video across all devices for the final time to catch any remaining issues.
06. Launch
Assist you in launching your experience across all platforms: web, social and mobile.
About US

Our Team

We’re an enthusiastic crew of creative, technical, design, filmmaking, 3D, and communications specialists.

Ian has worked in the web industry for over 20 years and has assisted clients with creating business tools for industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, real estate and pharmaceuticals. 

Although his roots are in coding, his passion lies with building client relationships, hearing their challenges and working with them to create an amazing solution. 

Ian loves spending time with his four young children and wife, and when he isn’t covered in stickers, he’s trying to sleep. Contact Ian at [email protected].

With a background in journalism and 13+ years of communications experience, Paula brings a natural storytelling and 360° approach to building brands. After years of working in media, Paula switched gears to corporate communications working for brand giants Canadian Tire and Sun Life Financial. In 2016, she formed her own boutique communications agency, Red Rock Communications, which specializes in copywriting and creative services for technology, retail, health and wellness, not-for-profit and lifestyle brands.

With daily oversight of SoftCover VR’s communications channels, Paula works with team members across all areas of the agency to promote our work and incredible talent, as well as the immersive VR/AR campaigns of our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. Contact Paula at [email protected].

With a Master’s degree in Engineering and a certificate in Leadership, Yinka passionately combines his technical abilities and management skills to successfully spearhead variety of IT projects within various industries. These sectors include Telecommunications, Food, Health, Construction, Fashion, and more. Some of the projects he has led include ERP integration, Web development, New technology design & Solution implementation etc.

Yinka enjoys taking on responsibilities and overcoming challenges with a team and individually. He volunteers as a Mentor to upcoming Engineering and Project Management candidates, motivating them to keep making positive changes and develop problem-solving skills that are essential for their careers and everyday living.

Robert is a seasoned developer who has been designing and building things (web/desktop/games) for just over three decades. He has been an educator since the late 90’s, and his fun but direct approach to everything he does is both efficient and effective. Robert is a man of integrity, a great team lead and a valuable asset to all of our endeavours. 

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LifeLabs Genetics™

LifeLabs performs laboratory tests, helping healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent diseases in patients. LifeLabs Genetics™ recently created a new pharmacogenetics test, called TreatGXPlus™ for patients. TreatGXPlus™ is both a test and service wrapped in one, with accompanying software to help patients understand their genetic makeup’s impact on the absorption rates of their medication...